Thanks to all the individuals and businesses that purchased components.  They bought a specific piece of the playground.

Bench                                    Wendy, Shawn, Brendan and Damon Abetz                       
Bench                                    The Clark Family

Bench                                    The Kingsley Family

Bench                                    Andrew and Zach Milner
Bench                                    Northern Bank & Trust Co.

Bench                                    The Reinherz Family
​Bench                                    Sew Be Crafty

Bench                                    The Webb Family

Drawbridge Climber           Jim and Ruth Wilson    

Dungeon                              Seiter Family

Flower Climber                   Bischoff Family

Game Table                         Andrew and Sheila Struth

Gymnastics Bar                   Ancom Custom Cabinets

Gymnastics Bar                   Mizzoni - Proulx - Rauker Families

Rickety Bridge                     The Goddard School

Triple Racing Slide             Jessie Clicks Photography

Wheelchair Bench             HearSmart Audiology