Castle in the Trees is a beloved landmark in Middlesex County. Built in 1991 as a community build with volunteer labor, the playground is a beautiful and unique expression of shared community pride. A special play area tailored for toddlers was added in 2013 in loving memory of Aidan Mallio, a local resident whose tragic infant death rallied volunteers to make this poignant contribution. Located at 300 King Street, in Littleton, this playground’s popularity extends far beyond town residents, regularly attracting families and visitors from surrounding areas, including Westford, Ayer, Acton, Groton, and Boxborough.

The volunteer-based group Littleton Children’s Fund (LCF), is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization formed in 1991, with the sole mission to ensure that the Castle in the Trees playground remains a safe, free, and fun play area for parents and children. In 2014, Litteton’s Park and Recreation Department assumed primary responsibility for the playground.

In Sept. 2016, LCF led another community build  to build a new and better playground, which meets modern safety and accessibility codes.  Leathers & Associates, the original designer and construction consultant, was chosen again to design and and oversee the installation of the playground.  The new playground was also a community build with  all volunteer labor. 

​We gratefully acknowledge the generosity of MJ Cataldo Landscape and Construction Inc., a full service landscaping and excavation company based in Littleton, who along with Cataldo Nurseries, has been a valued supporter of Castle in the Trees since inception. Owners Joe and Dale Cataldo offered a significant lead donation, including disposal and site preparation services.